I like eohippus labs because it is an adventure in circumstance. It does not want to add unecessary heaviness to the world. It is not afraid to be rational or intuitive, or to know the contents of _________________. It understands human scale and impact. It fights against the idea that the world will end but is not controlled by it. It attempts to write an alternative universe that doesn’t acknowledge the laws of __________________. But I wonder, is this a good thing?

“My dear Mr. Wilson:
“I want to have a personal word with you to explain this matter.
“I don’t like to rush things; I believe in taking my time. I always try to do it. I want you to do the same thing, but there are exceptions to all rules: sometimes we cannot do things just the way we want to and at the same time reap all the benefits.


eohippus labs is co-edited and co-published by Amanda Ackerman & Harold Abramowitz.

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