Love, hate, greed. All exceptional circumstances challenge us to write real emotions. Standard bearers for our pain and suffering. Our happiness, our joy, our captivity, our pain, our want. Everything we feel is real! The emohippus greeting card beckons you to express yourself in new ways. Thinking tightly causes pain. Feeling alleviates fate.

Pages and pages of real emotion. If your intent is to suffer, so be it. If your intent is to love, let it fly. If your intent is real joy, then mark it. If you are sad today, let others know. If you faced a challenge and overcame it, if you are on fire, on ice, it’s the doing well that it would show. Spread your wishes like fallen leaves among the trees, teetering in the branches, or like pestilential dirty rags (for example…“My father drove a covered wagon, and collected rags from the streets…these rags were soaked with the tears of…”).

Everything we feel is real.

The emohippus greeting card Volumes 1, 2, 3 & 4 are here!


Scan10001 the emohippus greeting card
First Series
Teresa Carmody, Dan Richert, Mathew Timmons,
Vanessa Place, Allison Carter

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excerpt: endless upliftment… blooming compassion… forthright castigation… affectionate intent…
Scan1 the emohippus greeting card
Second Series
Carribean Fragoza, Teresa Carmody, Joseph Mosconi,

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excerpt: shameless confusion… smoldering comfort… cringing sorrow… voluminous blanket…
emo 3 the emohippus greeting card
Third Series
Teresa Carmody, Honey Crawford, Darin Klein,
Dolores Dorantes, SAM OR SAMANTHA YAMS

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excerpt: surrogate romance… hand-holding nudge… captivating escape… vegetative flux…
emo 4 the emohippus greeting card
Fourth Series
K. Lorraine Graham, Amaranth Borsuk, Teresa Carmody,
Mark Lamoureux, j.s. davis + Special Emohippus Supplement!

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excerpt: blank apology… faltering tenderness… generous machinations… wasted vacation…

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