call for work!

Spontaneous Publication!

Call for Work, 800 characters max., text and images welcomed*
(*please note that text and images will be printed in uniform font, font size, and image size)

As part of a new project to be debuted at our upcoming &NOW presentation, we are seeking submissions for a Spontaneous Publication (to be published by eohippus labs). Work will be included in a print publication to be distributed first, as part of our panel, Making a Language We Can Learn: Poetics as Collaborative Praxis, and then to appear online (print publication copies will be sent to contributors.)

We are asking for short responses to the question: What do we do together?

In the spirit of our panel, we ask what becomes possible when we begin our panel before the panel? What new conceptions of sense-making and text-making might happen? What emergent communities are put into motion through this praxis?

Submission deadline: September 10, 2018. Send your work to Please add a mailing address to receive a copy of the print publication!

Thank you!

Harold Abramowitz
Janice Lee
Andrea Quaid
Dennis Sweeney
(project editors)