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Inherited Trauma

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annex series #1

acts + encounters

Edited by Andrea Quaid and Juliana Leslie, Acts + Encounters is a collection of twelve individual pamphlets housed in a custom designed slipcase. Artist and printer Maggi Lomeli designed and printed the slipcase cover. The project brings together the work of poets and authors from across the United States, and includes Ronaldo V. Wilson’s Poetics in Delusion or After Bitterness, Amanda Ackerman’s I Did Not Write This by Myself, the Atlanta Poets Group’s Local Plural Vocal: Community, the We-Agent, and the APG, Belladonna’s* An Assignment: Notes on Structure, Teresa Carmody’s Making as Content: I’ll Drown My Book as Feminist Community, Michelle Detorie’s Notes Towards A Feral Poetics, Jen Hofer’s Materiality: Mortality notes on the making and context of “Uncovering: A Quilted Poem Made from Donated and Foraged Materials from Wendover, Utah.”, Tung-Hui Hu’s The Last Time You Cried, Petra Kuppers’ Lit Skin: Collaboration in Water, Land, Body Poetics, Jill Magi’s Quitting, Manifesting, Theorizing the Perishable, Vanessa Place’s Zombie Poetry and Wendy S. Walters’ Notes on The Short-term “We”: Collaborative Communities of Known Duration.

A book project collaboration with Poetry + Politics Imprint. Acts + Encounters grew out of the two-day conference, “Emergent Communities in Contemporary Experimental Writing,” held at the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2012. The texts included in Acts + Encounters were solicited from conference participants, and delineate and expand on questions of experimental writing and community that were first addressed at the conference.

12 pamphlets + handprinted slipcase – $23.00

ISBN: 978-0-615-95146-1

A Beautiful Acts + Encounters portfolio, and much more, via Gray Area Print

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